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As a small business owner, you face a range of challenges every day. Whether you’re just starting out, running your business, or planning your exit strategy, ASBC can help you navigate the complex world of business with confidence. With ASBC, you’ll have a trusted partner by your side every step of the way.

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Get the Expert Advice You Need to Succeed​

At ASBC, we offer a range of consulting services tailored to meet the unique needs of small businesses in any stage of their lifecycle. 


Are you starting a new business? Our consultants can help you navigate the challenges of launching a successful venture. From market research and competitive analysis to business planning and financial forecasting, we’ll help you lay the groundwork for success.

Running Your Business

Whether you need help with marketing, staffing, or corporate issues, ASBC has you covered. Our experienced consultants provide specialized guidance and support to help you overcome your business challenges and achieve your goals.

Exit Strategy

If you’re thinking about selling your business or transitioning out of it, our Exit Strategy services can help you make a smooth and successful transition. From valuation and negotiation to succession planning and more, we’ll help you create a plan that meets your needs and maximizes your business value.

What We Offer You

With our support, you’ll be able to unlock the full potential of your business and achieve greater success.

Evaluation of Existing Business

Our experienced consultants will conduct a thorough evaluation of your existing business, including your mission statement, vision, and goals, to identify areas for improvement.

Identification of Corporate Issues

Corporate issues can be complex and challenging to navigate. Our consultants offer specialized support to help you identify and address issues within your organization.

Review of Social Media and Website

Our consultants will review your online presence, and provide recommendations for improvement to enhance user experience, increase conversions, and improve your online presence.

Merger/Acquisition Opportunities

Are you considering a merger or acquisition? Our consultants can help you identify and evaluate opportunities to help you make informed decisions.

Marketing Review

Need help with your marketing strategy? Our consultants will review your marketing efforts and provide recommendations for improvement to help you reach your target audience and achieve your goals.

Exit Opportunities

Planning your exit strategy can be a daunting task. Our consultants will help you identify opportunities and develop a plan to ensure a smooth transition.

ASBC Business Solutions Marketplace:

Access to a Wide Range of Pre-Vetted Service Providers

In addition to our individual business services, ASBC offers a marketplace of pre-packaged and individual services provided by our network of experienced consultants. Whether you’re looking for marketing support, financial planning, or legal advice, our marketplace has a range of business services to fit your needs.

Our consultants are experts in their fields and have years of experience working with small businesses like yours. With our marketplace, you’ll have access to a diverse range of services at your fingertips. Browse our marketplace today to find the right services for your business.

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Top Reasons to Partner with ASBC for Your Business

Network of Consultants

ASBC has a network of consultants with expertise in different areas of business. This allows us to offer a wide range of services to meet your business needs. Whether you’re looking for marketing support, financial planning, or legal advice, we have the right consultant for you.

Affordable Services

We believe that every small business deserves access to quality consulting services at an affordable price. That’s why we offer a range of services to fit your budget, without compromising on quality.

Experience and Expertise

At ASBC, we have a team of experienced consultants who have years of experience working with small businesses across different industries. Our consultants have the expertise and knowledge to help you navigate complex business challenges and find solutions that work for your business.

Personalized Approach

We understand that every small business is unique and requires a personalized approach. Our consultants take the time to understand your business needs, goals, and challenges to create a customized plan that works for your business.

I cannot recommend ASBC enough. Their team of consultants helped me navigate a challenging time for my small business and provided me with the expert guidance I needed to make informed decisions. What I appreciated most about working with ASBC was their personalized approach - they really took the time to understand my business needs and goals, and created a customized plan that worked for me. Their expertise and knowledge in different areas of business were truly impressive, and I feel fortunate to have had their support during a critical time for my business. If you're a small business owner looking for quality consulting services, ASBC is the partner you need by your side."
Jason M.
Startup Founder

About ASBC

At ASBC, we understand the challenges and opportunities facing small businesses today. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of experienced consultants who are passionate about helping small business owners achieve their goals. With our years of experience and network of consultants, we’re able to provide a range of services to help you start, run, and exit your business successfully.

Our mission is to provide affordable and effective consulting services to small businesses, so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how ASBC can support your small business needs.

Jason Horecky​

E-commerce • Sales

Jason Horecky has I graduated from the University of Florida in 2018 with a degree in business and a minor in innovation. After graduating I was hired by my parents to help them grow their statue importing business.
After noticing that they were stuck doing the same processes they were doing for the last 25 years, I came in and brought in new income producing activities to streamline their processes and increase their profitability. I started to send out consistent email marketing/sales calls to continue generating new business and nurturing existing business that allowed their company to grow to $1 million in sales per year.

On top of that, I began my deep dive into learning how to sell products on Amazon to bring in yet another extra income stream to my parents. I took professional pictures, wrote out beautiful bullet points, captions and titles and listed their products on my Amazon store. Once I saw thousands of dollars come in organically through this vehicle, it instantly intrigued me to learn all the different ways to grow as an Amazon seller. I began reaching out to hundreds of companies a day to get their approval for me to resell their products for them on Amazon. I would help them to improve their keywords, messaging and marketing to better connect with their target audience as well which would improve my sales too. This allowed me to sell over 50+ products and to become a six figure seller in my second year of business. This brought the attention of large amazon selling companies in the United States that wanted to hire me for my services. From 2020 through 2021 I was hired by Recommerce to help manage and monitor their $15 million per month Amazon store.

I began sharing my successes online on multiple social media platforms which generated over 5,000 followers in just a few months of consistent posting and outreach. By doing this I really learned how to grow an audience, conduct market research and give them exactly what they wanted. I realized I had a skill in teaching others what I was doing and created 2 successful coaching businesses for Amazon selling and investing. I’ve developed a keen eye for marketing, branding, social media, sales and building an online presence.

Excited to help your business continue to grow!